The Helas brand stemmed from an organization that was specialized in top pearl screening established in Melbourne, Australia, which was called the “Robin Dennell Fluorescence Pty Ltd”. 

It is well known that the Australian Pinctada maxima pearl, namely the so-called Australian white pearl, is one of the most famous pearls in the world. The family of the founder of RDF has been screening pearls for the British royal family since three generations before and the reputation has been established in the pearl industry since then. 

They would be invited for pearl screening by luxury jewelry brands, senior jewelry designers or picky customers. Robin Dennell found that the customers were only focusing on the blemish and the roundness when choosing pearls instead of realizing the beauty and the value scale of the pearls. 

Therefore, some businessmen tried to promote the low-end pearls that are white yet dim and big-sized yet ordinary so as to cater to the customers and obtain a higher profit. However, the true charm of a pearl lies on the gloss and the glory, so Robin Dennell officially set up the Robin Dennell Fluorescence Pty Ltd. 30 years ago, who proposed the “Pearl Quality Evaluation Structure”. 

Among the evaluation items of “lusher, , color, shape, size, surface, and RDF standard”, lusterand color  account for 60%, RDF standard accounts for 20%, shape accounts for 10%, size accounts for 5%, and the  surface for 5% of the total evaluation.



Brand Story

Founder Story

Since the establishment of the company, RDF has been only selecting the top-quality seawater pearls, setting up a rigorous and complete evaluation criteria, evaluation environment and scoring system for the white, gold,

black and blue (exclusive for Akoya pearl) produced by Pinctada maxima pearl (known as the South Sea pearl), Pinctada margaritifera pearl (known as Tahiti black pearl), Akoya pearl and Mabe pearl, which have become the ruler of the industry.

What’s more, it is usually difficult for the customers to observe the difference between the gloss of the pearl in a professional and precise way in the pre-set environment of the jewelry store, therefore, RDF specially established a specific environment with special lighting brightness for observing the luster and color of pearls, and observed and distinguished each pearl more precisely under the same condition by using fiber optic lamps, ultraviolet lamps, and even x-rays, so as to select the real premium pearls.

Criterion for the Luster  and the color :Luster : select pearls with “mirroring surface” and
“sunshine-like brightness”.Color: each pearl has its own base color,
but the RDF pearl has more than 2 overtones.All the colors
composed infinite possibilities of beauty and shininess.


Helas has been created by the RDF, after being the pearl supplier of the Royal Family and high-end jewelry brands for years, RDF expected more people who can enjoy the beauty of pearls, and believed that pearls could not only be used for high-end jewelries with complicated techniques and fancy modeling, one or more high-end pearls, 

with exquisite designs, could be also used as the finishing touch for the daily look. The Helas pearls specially introduced the standard of the “Balance”, which is the matching degree of the jewelry category that the pearl is made to, with the design style, in addition to using the peals with over 95 scores on the RDF screening evaluation.

For example, pearl earnings are not the bigger, the better, rather need to match with the shape of face who wears. There are different requirements to the size of pearls for the jewelries with different design styles. The design team of Helas uses the exquisite design and makes each model of pearl classic and elegant with highlights on material and simpleness.